ClimatePak® VHR Series

The ClimatePak® dehumidification system uses naturally dry outside air for moisture removal. It relies on a sophisticated control system along with air measuring stations and air management systems to maintain setpoint conditions through dilution with outside air. ClimatePak® recovers approximately 50% of the available energy from the exhaust airstream. The ClimatePak® is designed for larger pool facilities that can tolerate swings in temperature and humidity during peak summer conditions while maintaining consistently comfortable conditions during the colder winter months.

Operational Features

  • Passive heat pipe and damper system
  • Airflow measuring stations to monitor and control airflow
  • Variable frequency drives for better control of facility environment
  • Airfoil supply and exhaust fans
  • CommandPak® Control System
  • Virtual-Tech® Plus VHR factory monitoring standard

Construction Features

  • Coated heat pipe recovery coil (exhaust side) to control corrosion
  • All critical components are located outside the air stream
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Double wall foam filled aluminum panel system
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
  • Anodized aluminum modular framing system
  • Diamond plate aluminum floor