Purge-Economizer Configurations:
Key Advantages

Purge-economizer configurations are popular in larger dehumidification systems and offer flexibility for leveraging outdoor air. The purge capability provides a way to “purge” the air in an indoor environment and replace it with outside air, while the economizer uses outside air to cool the building when air conditions are favorable.

The purge-economizer configuration offers large natatoriums several advantages when it comes to improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Improved IAQ

Purge capabilities provide a simple way of improving indoor air quality by flushing airborne chloramines out of the indoor pool environment. It can be engaged manually by the operator as required, typically during periods of shocking the water (i.e. super-chlorinating), which releases a high amount of chemicals into the air. 

Facilities with high levels of pool activity (such as YMCAs and universities) must regularly super-chlorinate the space. Therefore, it is a wise investment for these facilities to specify a dehumidifier with a purge function to maintain good indoor air quality.

PoolPak’s purge-economizer configuration has a 100% air purge capability available at any time. The operator can super-chlorinate the pool and ventilate the space with 100% outdoor air to quickly clear out any airborne chemicals.

An Economical Approach to Cooling

The economizer is part of a building’s cooling system. The economizer’s sensors evaluate outdoor air conditions, and when those conditions are favorable to do so, uses that outdoor air to cool the building’s interior. 

As the name “economizer” suggests, this is an economical approach to cooling the indoor pool environment as it reduces the amount of mechanical cooling required, lowering energy consumption and utility bills. Leveraging the cooling capabilities of outdoor air also means less wear and tear on the HVAC system over time.

PoolPak’s purge-economizer configuration is designed with multiple dedicated duty exhaust fans for increased energy savings. These fans operate only when needed compared to a traditional supply-and-return-fan configuration that has both full-sized fans operating year round.

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