Natatorium Design Guide
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“A great indoor pool environment should be something everyone expects, without compromise.”
– PoolPak’s Natatorium Design Guide

There are hundreds of successful indoor pools currently operating in North America. Unfortunately, there are many that are plagued with all sorts of issues.

PoolPak’s Natatorium Design Guide is a must-read for indoor pool engineers, offering a deep dive into all the key considerations for designing a successful facility, with particular attention paid to chloramine control and air distribution.

This guide is the culmination of many decades of experience from indoor pool dehumidification veterans who have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t, offering best practices based on what they have seen work successfully.

  • An in-depth look at the two main approaches that engineers typically use to control a natatorium: refrigeration-based dehumidifiers and outdoor air ventilation systems
  • The ideal relative humidity levels and air and water temperatures for patron comfort and health
  • Humidity control calculations to provide a stable dew point condition year round
  • The key factors to delivering good indoor air quality
  • Safeguarding the facility from the potentially devastating effects of condensation
  • Reducing energy consumption and utility costs – with a spotlight on specific potential annual savings
  • Steps for finalizing the dehumidification system design
  • Popular configurations and system designs
  • When to replace a dehumidification system
  • Vital system features to specify
  • How to ensure the unit is properly installed and can be serviced and maintained
  • A convenient design checklist for traditional pools

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