About PoolPak®

A Leader in Providing Indoor Pool Dehumidification

PoolPak® is recognized as a leading brand of dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools and hotel/motel leisure pools. Our Proven Approach to dehumidification is your best assurance for optimum space and water conditions while keeping operating cost low through recycled energy.

PoolPak® dehumidification equipment is built for the corrosive indoor pool environment with features like copper coil construction, key components located out of the corrosive air stream and a durable finish. The control system was developed by PoolPak® specifically for their equipment, and will monitor and control the pool environment locally or at any location with access to the internet.

PoolPak® understands the pool environment and the impact on that space through seasonal changes, geographic location and pool activity. There is no one type of dehumidification system for every pool, and PoolPak® will assist you in selecting a unit matched for your application. That is your best assurance of maintaining maximum occupant comfort at the lowest first cost and ongoing operational cost.

Developing Efficient Technology for a Changing World

PoolPak® believes purchasing capital equipment today should take more into account than what is currently available at this moment in time. When you consider a PoolPak® dehumidifier can last 20 years and longer, you need to think about the needs of tomorrow and the impact it can have on sustainability and equipment performance!

PoolPak® designs and builds its dehumidification equipment with an emphasis on the future. Our engineers explore every aspect from component location to control strategies to maximize performance and long unit life. We use components that measure up to our high standards for efficiency while delivering unfailing occupant comfort. Compare PoolPak®’s many enhanced features and you’ll know why we are the dehumidification equipment of choice yesterday, today and for the future!

A Long History of Growth

The PoolPak® dehumidification technology was developed in 1970 by York International Corporation (now Johnson Controls), a manufacturer of HVAC products. York International spun off the PoolPak® line to its current owners in 1986. It is now the second leading manufacturer in North America. The company has expanded into the international market with 15 percent of its revenues coming from international sales.

PoolPak® implemented manufacturing over a decade ago and currently utilizes enterprise resource planning (ERP), 3D solid modeling CAD software and in-house CNC machinery to maintain its stellar on-time delivery performance of nearly 100 percent.