ComPak® PCP StakPak Series

Our ComPak® StakPak Series is an ingenious innovation that provides twice the dehumidification in the same footprint as a regular unit. It’s compact, two-stage design provides scalable capacity and performance of two complete systems in one, controlled by a single, sophisticated brain. Our StakPak Series delivers the reliability of two independent, fully redundant circuits that provide optimum, energy efficiency under all conditions.

With WebSentry® as a standard feature, our StakPak Series is monitored 24/7 via the internet and backed by Dehumidified Air Services, our exclusive national network of factory-direct service personnel.

Our StakPak is reliable with state-of-the-art, corrosion resistant, ultra-efficient, quiet fans that maximize air flow and minimize noise with no belts or pulleys to wear out or adjust. It protects all critical components from corrosion by isolating them from the pool air stream in a separate vestibule. Our industry leading moisture removal, dehumidifies your facility efficiently while reducing operational energy costs.

Operational Features

  • Quiet, ultra-efficient dehumidification technology in a small footprint
  • Wall condensation prevention
  • Multiple options for air side cooling/heating (air and water source) and pool water heating (packaged/split systems)
  • Recycles energy to pool air and pool water
  • Easy to use touchscreen unit controls compatible with optional interface for common Building Automation Systems
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards

Construction Features

  • Multiple air duct connection options provide flexibility for retrofit or new construction
  • Independent dual stages provide efficient staging plus redundancy
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Critical components are kept out of the air stream
  • High-efficiency scroll compressors and direct drive ECM plenum fan(s)
  • Optional factory supplied ECM motor driven exhaust
  • StakPak models PCP-1414 to 2626 available for horizontal (indoor only) configuration
  • StakPak models PCP-3030 to 5050 available for horizontal or roof-top configurations
  • Smart Pump