Hotels and Motels

A majority of hospitality operations like hotel and motels include an indoor pool as part of their amenities. Many of these pools are smaller and must be enclosed to offer year-round access. Indoor pools are critical in attracting customers since they are used not only for recreation but also exercise and entertainment. It is not uncommon to have fully clothed guests poolside so attention to temperature and humidity is critical.

Hospitality businesses are very concerned about operational expenses and know the high cost of heating and cooling the pool facility can erode the bottom line. High maintenance will also increase repair costs while frequent downtime can have a negative effect on occupant satisfaction.

Many hotels and motels have space restrictions and the dehumidification equipment needs to have a smaller footprint for easy installation and maintenance. These same requirements are also applicable to large residential indoor pools that share many of the same characteristics and problems.

PoolPak® offers their right-sized ComPak® dehumidification system engineered specifically for smaller applications. It’s available in a variety of sizes and configurations. A ComPak® manages dangerous humidity, recycles energy and protects your facility from unsightly condensation formation. It features the same renowned PoolPak® efficient operation and long life, and many owners report a full payback within two years of installation.

ComPak® dehumidifiers are designed to be easily hidden from view. All intake and return air can be ducted in the same manner as a home heating system, providing uniform air flow over walls and glazed areas. Operation is simple and a ComPak® can be equipped with an outdoor condenser for air conditioning.

Recommended Systems

ComPak® PCP Series - Horizontal and Vertical

  • Small footprint, ultra-efficient dehumidification technology
  • Capacities from 2 to 16 tons
  • Supply Air from 550 to 8,000 CFM
  • Critical components are protected outside of the corrosive air stream

ComPak® StakPak Series

  • MRC Capacities 45 to 200 lbs/hr
  • Supply Air from 2,600 to 13,000 CFM
  • Small footprint, ultra-efficient dehumidification technology
  • Critical components are protected outside of the corrosive air stream