PoolPak® PPK Series

The PPK is the next generation for large swimming pool room dehumidification. Featuring a fluid-cooled mechanical refrigeration system at its center, the PPK provides exceptional value delivering unparalleled, consistent environment control at competitive market pricing.

The smart design of this fluid-cooled system also provides improved energy savings, simpler installation requirements, significantly less refrigerant and other operational advantages over traditional air-cooled refrigeration systems. All refrigerant components are now factory sealed and fully factory tested for reliable performance. Combined with our full featured and friendly WebSentry® web monitoring and expert-level factory-assisted startup, the PPK will make your pool project a breeze delivering consistent, sustained and economical performance.

The PPK series is now available in sizes ranging from 18 to 128 tons with airflows from 6,800 to 64,000 CFM.

Operational Features

  • Recycles energy from return air to supply air and pool water
  • Modulating reheat for steady, precise control of both full and part-load conditions
  • Dewpoint control and cold wall reset
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards
  • WebSentry® factory monitoring via Ethernet (cellular/wireless options also available)
  • Economizer for cooling and dehumidification
  • Active refrigerant system performance monitoring and control

Construction Features

  • Direct-drive fans with ECM or VFD
  • Fluid-cooled refrigerant system
  • Fully dipped coils standard
  • All critical components located outside the air stream
  • Two inch, double wall, cabinet and doors with painted inner liner
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service
  • New fluid cooler option with unit-integral pump package
  • Low charge refrigerant system fully factory tested and sealed
  • Exhaust air heat recovery option for pre-heat of outside air
  • Paddock Evacuator compatible
  • Smart Pump