PoolPak’s Green

There is a growing demand for green technology amongst businesses and regulators. PoolPak delivers on this demand with several industry-leading features that make PoolPak equipment both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Low Refrigerant Charges

At the core of PoolPak’s product philosophy is keeping refrigerant charges low. Traditional natatorium dehumidifiers require a large refrigerant charge that is not only expensive but also leads to oil and refrigerant migration control challenges that can impact compressor reliability.

PoolPak’s PPK Series uses up to 85% less refrigerant charge compared to traditional DX systems. The Series also uses a water-glycol mix as a secondary heat exchange fluid to greatly reduce costs and environmental risks. If a low refrigerant volume is desired, PoolPak also offers dry cooler options in the smaller PCP Series as well.

Refrigerant Pressure Transducers

HVAC units that rely on manifold gauges are vulnerable to refrigerant loss whenever a service technician needs to remove these gauges to check the pressure of the refrigeration circuit.

Manifold gauge sets are responsible for the release of approximately 140,000 pounds of refrigerant around the world annually. This converts to nearly 300,000,000 pounds of CO2 every year.

PoolPak’s equipment renders these issues obsolete. All units are factory-equipped with refrigerant pressure transducers, enabling service technicians to check the pressure of the refrigeration circuit from an Internet-connected device.

Direct-Drive Fans

Next to compressors, fans are the largest consumer of energy in an HVAC system, as they run 24 hours a day. Just reducing the operating costs of the fans significantly reduces the operating costs of the facility as a whole.

Direct-drive ECM and plenum fans with VFD offer the most efficient means of moving air while using the lowest possible fan energy. Antiquated belt-driven systems pose a maintenance concern and can consume as much as 25% more fan energy.

Direct-drive fans are standard across the entire PoolPak product line. Not a single PoolPak unit contains a belt-driven fan arrangement.

Dry Coolers: A Premium Heat Rejection System

All PoolPak units can be set up to reject heat outdoors to a dry cooler. These fluid-cooled systems are inherently environmentally friendly because of their low refrigerant charge.

PoolPak’s NG Series of outdoor dry coolers are ideal for medium and large-scale fluid-cooled heat rejection needs and are available in capacities from 116 MBH to 2,300 MBH.

Modulating Reheat

Conventional compressorized dehumidifiers use a hot gas reheat coil with a simple on/off function, resulting in unstable space temperatures and RH level fluctuations. Compressorized PoolPak units use a 0-100% modulating reheat coil to keep the space temperature and RH levels stable year round.

Because the compressor does not have to run as often, less energy is consumed.

This modulating approach to reheat also results in less wear and tear on the compressor as the unit does not have to cycle between on/off modes and therefore constantly fill the coils with liquid refrigerant.

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