A Leader in Indoor Pool Dehumidification

PoolPak is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools, and hotel/motel leisure pools.

PoolPak has earned a reputation for reliable dehumidification by taking a comprehensive approach to managing the pool room environment. Built to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of indoor pool applications, PoolPak dehumidifiers deliver optimal space conditions while keeping operating costs low.

Here is just a sample of the features and design ideology behind the entire PoolPak product line…

Purpose-Built for the Indoor Pool Environment

PoolPak dehumidification equipment is purpose-built for the corrosive indoor pool environment, featuring coated copper coil construction, key components located outside of the corrosive air stream, and a durable finish, to name just a few. The control system was developed by PoolPak specifically for PoolPak equipment and offers 24/7 performance monitoring from any mobile device through WebSentry.

Specific Equipment for Specific Applications

PoolPak understands the pool environment and the impact on that space across seasonal changes, geographic locations, and pool activity levels. There is no one type of dehumidification system for every pool. That is why PoolPak provides units selected for the specific application to ensure maximum occupant comfort at the lowest first cost and ongoing operational cost.

Efficient Technology for a Changing World

PoolPak designs and builds its dehumidification equipment with an emphasis on the future. PoolPak’s engineers explore every aspect of the system’s design, from component location to control strategies, to maximize unit performance, efficiency, and lifespan. This focus on the future means that a PoolPak dehumidifier can provide unfailing patron comfort for 20 years or longer.

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