New Innovation:
The Hybrid Series

PoolPak is pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to its product line…

The Hybrid Series

The Hybrid Series leverages the potential of dry outdoor air to accomplish dehumidification, while also incorporating a refrigeration circuit to provide sensible cooling that keeps the pool area comfortable. Outdoor air-based dehumidification is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to mechanical dehumidification in many geographies across North America.

  • Its simple design makes it easier to service and maintain; smaller refrigeration components cost less to operate and maintain.
  • Mechanical cooling keeps the space temperature comfortable by meeting the sensible load.
  • Advanced control algorithm precisely modulates outdoor air, using only the minimum necessary to maintain space humidity.
  • Direct-drive fan array with ECM motors means lower energy costs and no belts!
  • Heat recovery utilizes a glycol runaround loop, reducing the energy cost of preheating outdoor air.

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