Key Advantages

Thank you again for specifying PoolPak! Here’s a quick recap of the key advantages that PoolPak brings to your indoor pool project…

Energy-Efficient Dehumidification

At the core of PoolPak’s product philosophy is a focus on refrigerant reduction. PoolPak’s commitment to energy efficiency is further demonstrated by leveraging direct-drive fans, refrigerant pressure transducers, the glycol runaround loop approach to heat recovery, and many more energy-saving features.

A Truly Purpose-Built System

PoolPak’s dehumidification equipment is purpose-built for the corrosive indoor pool environment, featuring coated copper coil construction, key components located outside of the corrosive air stream, and a durable finish, to name just a few.

A Solution for Your Project’s Specific Requirements

PoolPak understands the pool environment and the impact on that space across seasonal changes, geographic locations, and pool activity levels. There is no one type of dehumidification system for every pool. That is why PoolPak provides units selected for the specific application to ensure maximum occupant comfort at the lowest first cost and ongoing operational cost.

Peak Performance via Advanced Remote Monitoring

PoolPak units connected to WebSentry benefit from advanced remote monitoring, control, and logging capabilities. WebSentry connects securely with PoolPak’s remote servers and sends performance data every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WebSentry is standard on every PoolPak unit and is free for the lifetime of the equipment to ensure peak performance.

When WebSentry is connected at start-up, PoolPak automatically provides a 90-day labor warranty plus a two-year warranty on replacement parts.

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